Governor Rauner’s FY2018 Budget Address and more!

To All SUAA Members! Another year and whether you like what you read or hear, the battle continues.

We have included some heavy reading or at least something to file away as we progress (or digress) through the 100th General Assembly.

Attached is the Governor’s 2018 Budget Address for those of you who missed hearing it.

The Second Attachment is the Higher Education portion of the FY2018 Budget.

Link to the Civic Federations Roadmap through the FY 2018 Budget:

This last link shows the outstanding balances:

Nothing easy for Higher Education coming forward – however, through performance based funding campuses can earn up to 5% additional funding.

Linda L Brookhart
Executive Director
State Universities Annuitants Association

FY2018 Budget Address-Office-of-the-Governor.pdf

FY2018OperatingBudgetBook – Higher Education.pdf

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Board Meeting Slated for Feb 16

The February Board Meeting of the GSU Chapter of SUAA
(State Universities Annuitants Association) will be held on Thursday, February 16
at noon in the CPA Upper Lobby.


  • Review/approve notes from November meeting
  • Committee Reports
    • Membership
    • Legislative
  • Review/approve notes from November meeting
  • State EXCOM Report
  • Additional Director
  • Annual Newsletter
  • Other Business

SUAA advocates on behalf of all faculty and staff–both current employees and retirees–their spouses/partners, and survivors, who are beneficiaries of SURS.

Everyone is welcome to attend.

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SUAA Mini Briefing 02.08.2017

To all members!

Today was banner day. Senate Bill 11 was struck down in the Senate! Read all about it and see a glimpse of the Illinois Coalition to Invest in Higher Education Rally.

Mini Briefing is attached.

Linda L Brookhart

Executive Director

State Universities Annuitants Association

SUAA Mini Briefing 02.8.2017.pdf

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SUAAction News

To All SUAA Members! SUAAction has ended 2016 with exciting news! With this news comes the hope that those of you who are not supporting SUAAction will change your minds during the 2017 Campaign! Why belong? Read the newsletter! Sitting along the sidelines is dangerous! Join SUAAction!

Linda L Brookhart
Executive Director
State Universities Annuitants Association

SUAAction Newletter 02.07.2017.pdf

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Budget impasse, SB0011, etc

SUAA Members,

  1. The budget impasse continues. We ask you to contact your legislators to urge them to pass a reasonable budget. For a quick and easy way to send an email about the budget impasse to state leadership, go to Land of Lincoln, This is Not a Laughing Matter. Choose Send, follow the steps, and email will be sent to the appropriate people. If you sent an email a few months ago, please do it again.
  1. Proposed SB0011, amends the Pension Code.An article posted on the AFSCME site, Bill would cut universities employees’ pensions, summarizes the proposed change for SURS employees:

“This proposal would require State University Retirement System (SURS) participants (except those hired after January 1, 2011) to select between two options:

  • Option 1: Future pay increases do not count in calculating the member’s initial pension amount upon retirement; in exchange the member would receive the current 3% annual annuity adjustment, compounded; or
  • Option 2: Future pay increases count in calculating the member’s initial pension amount upon retirement; in exchange the member would receive an annual annuity adjustment that is less than the current compounded adjustment.

Regardless of the option employees choose, they would receive a smaller pension benefit during the course of their retirement compared to what they would receive under the current Pension Code.”

We ask you to contact your legislators and ask them to oppose this bill. If you are unsure as to whom to contact, go to Open District Locator – Illinois State Board of Elections.

  1. Attorney General Madigan filed a motion to block payroll for state employees until a state budget is passed. The motion was filed January 26 in St. Clair County Circuit Court. If the motion succeeds, it would dissolve the injunction that AFSCME received that allowed state employees to be paid without an approved state budget. The motion requests an implementation date of February 28, 2017. SUAA will continue to monitor this legal action and keep our members informed.
  1. Professor Emeritus Addison Woodward, submitted a letter to the editor, Higher Education Threatened in Illinois, which was published in the Daily Southtown. We thank Addison for submitting the article.

Colleen Rock Ellis
GSU SUAA President
On behalf of the GSU SUAA Board


SUAA Mini Briefing 01.18.2017

Welcome to the 100th General Assembly! The Inauguration is old news! Senate and House bill rolled out rapidly!

Keep your eyes wide open because it ought to be an interesting session! As of today Senate President Cullerton has 40 shell Appropriation bills.

The House of Representatives is a little behind. Its bills have not been assigned to committees yet, but then there are twice as many people and twice as many offices to fill! By tomorrow morning the bills could be assigned!

You might want to watch the legislative bills that are part of the Senate’s Grand Bargain. We have laid those bills out for you. You can watch their progress as we have set up a link for you.

The 100th of anything should be celebrated! But celebration or not, we are sure that this 100th is going to be memorable!

Click here to read the SUAA Mini Briefing dated 01.18.2017. (PDF file)

Linda L Brookhart
Executive Director
State Universities Annuitants Association


SUAA Foundation EAP Brochure

The SUAA Foundation Emergency Assistance Program is designed to help chapters provide support for members who are facing a sudden need for funds to cope with a crisis situation. Chapters may request assistance of up to $1,500 on behalf of individuals who have been SUAA members for 5 years or more.

Click here to download the EAP program brochure (PDF file) for more information.

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