Next GSU SUAA Board Meeting on 1/16/20

GSU-SUAA Board Meeting
January 16, 2020
Noon, Room D-1497


  • Review/approve notes from November 21, 2019 Chapter Board Meeting (Notes are posted immediately below)
  • Choose a possible alternative date for the GSU-SUAA Annual Chapter Luncheon, most likely either May 14 or June 11.
  • SUAA State Bylaw revisions anticipated and possible revision issues submitted.
  • Membership Committee report:
    • Implementation of state-wide dues increase for currently working employees on payroll dues deduction;
    • Implementation of appeal for increased spousal membership among current GSU-SUAA members.
  • Topic selection and date planning for Spring Forum, most likely in late March to early April period, with current suggestions being:
    • A session focused on how the Tier II benefit package might realistically be improved.
    • A session focused on the forthcoming state Fair Tax Amendment referendum.
  • Legislative Committee Report:
    • 2020 is clearly a VERY important year for both federal and state politics, and Illinois has an unusually high number of “freshman” legislators this year:  We need our Board (and members) to “reach out” to legislators (Assembly and Senate) in each district where our members are constituents to promote at least three key parts of our general agenda.
  • Other Business.
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GSU SUAA 21 Nov 2019 Meeting Minutes

Click here to view or download the GSU SUAA meeting minutes from 21 NOV 2019 (pdf).

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Revised GSU SUAA 2019-2020 Meeting Schedule

See the revised GSU SUAA meeting schedule below (or click here to view or download GSU SUAA’s revised 2019-2020 meeting schedule in pdf format.)


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Remembering SUAA’s Longtime Lobbyist Dick Lockhart

As the year draws to an end, we would like you to take a moment to remember Dick Lockhart.

Dick was SUAA’s main lobbyist for many years. Dick passes away November 21 at the age of 85 after a long and productive life. He had been an Illinois lobbyist for over 50 years.

In 2011, Addison Woodward contributed the attached article on Dick to the GSU newsletter. Please take this opportunity to remember Dick and his service to our organization.

Dick Lockhart.pdf

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Dues Increase in 2020

SUAA’s dues have remained the same for many years. As with everything, the cost of operating the organization has increased. SUAA needs adequate funds to continue the fight to protect our pensions.

This fall, SUAA House of Delegates voted to increase the dues by $6.00 beginning January 2020. GSU representatives in the House (Karl Harrison, Colleen Rock-Ellis, Jane Wells, and Bill Wilkinson) worked to keep the increase as low as possible.

If you pay your dues by check, you can pay the old rate of $39.00 provided that you send your renewal before the end of this year. If you are a retiree on SURS deduction, SURS will deduct $0.50 more each month from your pension. If you are an employee on GSU payroll deduction, an extra $0.25 will be deducted from your check.

GSU-SUAA thanks you for your continued support and participation.

Jane Wells, Treasurer, GSU-SUAA

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SUAA Mini Briefing 11-18-19

Click here to review the SUAA Mini Briefing dated 11-18-19 (pdf)

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GSU SUAA Minutes from Sept 2019 Meeting

Click here to view or download GSU SUAA minutes from the September 2019 meeting (pdf format).

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