GSU SUAA Special Fall Meeting, October 15

GSU SUAA Members,

Influencing Legislation to Protect Our Pensions—What Can You Do?

GSU SUAA will have a guest speaker, Timothy Tackett, at the Fall Meeting on October 15. He will give a presentation on How to Get Involved with Your Local Legislators. Please read the attached flyer and agenda below for details.

Lunch will be served, so if you plan to attend, please RSVP to Bonnie Lunde at blunde by Friday, October 9.

Colleen Rock Ellis

GSU SUAA Secretary

Fall Meeting Flyer 101515.pdf
Fall Meeting Agenda 151015.pdf



Last week you received an appeal from SUAAction for donations.

As a not for profit, SUAA itself cannot donate to candidates for office. SUAAction is the political action committee that was set up by SUAA to provide financial support to legislators.

This year, more than ever, we SURS members need friends in the General Assembly. Illinois has a serious revenue shortfall, and it is essential to all of us that the pensions receive the state’s mandated contribution. We on the GSU SUAA Board urge you will make a donation to SUAAction.

You can send a check to:


P.O. Box 1770

Springfield, IL 62705-1770

Or donate online at:

Also, please mark your calendar for an upcoming GSU SUAA meeting. On October 15 at noon at GSU, Tim Tackett of SUAAction will be our guest speaker. The meeting will be devoted to discussing ways that we can influence our legislators. Pizza will be served.

Thanks in advance for your support for SUAAction. A donation of any amount is appreciated.

President Karl Harrison, Vice President Lynne Hostetter, Treasurer William Wilkinson, Secretary Colleen Rock Ellis
Board Members: Sheryl Jones-Harper, Stephanie Juarez, Bonnie Lunde, Sonya Monroe, Jane Wells, Addison Woodward

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GSU SUAA Meeting Notes from September 2015

Click here to view or print the meeting notes from GSU SUAA chapter meeting on Septeber 17, 2015. (pdf format)


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2015 SUAAction Campaign

Dear SUAA members and friends,

Illinois is in the midst of the one of the largest political struggles it has ever seen. Governor Bruce Rauner and the Republicans are vying for power against the Democrats who currently hold a super-majority in both chambers of the General Assembly. Next year, Illinois will see the most expensive election cycle in its history. SUAAction must be equipped to protect candidates on both sides of the aisle that support our interests and current rights. Without it our voices will not be heard and we risk losing valuable allies of our cause!

Last year your contributions exceeded $180,000 that we used to support candidates who would support our interests. In this off-election year we need to exceed that total to be ready with sufficient funds to participate effectively in the primary election campaigns. Next year we will need to raise even more. That will allow us to provide adequate support to political candidates who will continue to support SUAAction’s interests – legislators who will support pension rights and work to ensure that attempts to diminish them are thwarted before they ever reach a vote.

Consider the value of every $100 in donations to SUAAction. That is enough for one campaign worker to put in 5 hours of work, 5 yard signs to be produced, and 50 phone calls to be made on behalf of candidates SUAAction supports. Last year, well over $100 million was spent in Illinois political campaigns. Not having enough resources puts the legislators who support us in peril – it is simply an unacceptable risk. We need to act.

Help us protect the rights and interests of all by donating today!

You can send all check donations to:


P.O. Box 1770

Springfield, IL 62705-1770

Or donate online at:

With Senate Bill 1’s defeat we all learned a great lesson; we must be able to show legislators our clout as an organization by being able to provide financial support to their campaigns. Being proactive in gaining allies to our interests can save us valuable time and resources in the future and eliminate the need for future lawsuits to battle unconstitutional laws.

Thanks for your support,

Louis Anderson, SUAAction Chair

Carolyn Donow, SUAAction Vice-Chair


2015 SUAA Fall Board Meeting Information

Friday, November 13, 2015

Illinois State University Alumni Center
1101 North Main Street
Normal, IL

Registration Begins
9:15 am

Meeting Times
9:00 a.m. Foundation Meeting

10:00 a.m. SUAA General Session

Lunch will be provided

Registration begins on Thursday, October 15

More information to come!

Linda L Brookhart

Executive Director

State Universities Annuitants Association

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Health Care Payments

State Employee Group Benefits

Click on the link above for a document discussing the current situation regarding health care payments by the state. If you have any questions, please let us know and we will try to clarify matters.

Jane Wells for the


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Health Insurance – SUAA Mini Briefing 09.18.2015

Mini Briefing
September 18, 2015

This week, Sunday, September 13, started out with the headlines “Governor Rauner Threatens to Halt Health Insurance Payments to Providers for State Workers”. The next day the headlines were “Health-care Payments Stopped for State Employees’ Self-insured Plans” which caused accelerated concern throughout the State for not only currently working but now especially retirees.

First, as stated in our last correspondence, the College Insurance Plan (CIP)* and the Teachers Retirement Insurance Plan (TRIP)** are not involved in this health insurance funding. So again, if you retired from a community college or a school district you are not included in this round of health insurance problems. In fact the good news is that due to legislation signed into law this summer, both CIP and TRIP will receive its funding from the State as provided by the Illinois Statutes.

The State Employee Group Benefits provides health, dental and life insurance for current and certain former elected state officials, judges, current State employees, retirees, survivors (not Medicare age eligible) and many others. The State’s universities current employees and retirees fall under the benefits of this group plan. This is the plan that is causing havoc – the one people are most concerned about.

For the past several years doctors, hospitals, dentists, etc. have been receiving payments for services in arears. That said, the doctors, hospitals, dentists, etc. are also receiving interest on the delayed payments.

Fortunately, no one has been denied services that we know of due to the State’s inability to pay the healthcare claims – whether recent or in arears. We do know of some who live outside of Illinois who are being billed for the full cost of the service. Usually this can be reconciled.

At this time, the Medicare Advantage Program (TRAIL)*** is continuing to be paid.

Many do not understand what a self-insured health plan is. So for the sake of those a short definition is provided:

The State of Illinois operates its own health plan rather than purchasing a fully-insured plan from a private insurance carrier. Doing this allows the State to save the profit margin that an insurance company adds to its premium for a fully-insured plan. In doing this it also exposes the State to much larger risk in the event that more claims than expected must be paid or in Illinois’ case, not enough money in the coffers or an impasse on the State Budget negotiations.

Two main costs are fixed costs and variable costs:

· Fixed costs are administrative fees, any stop-loss premiums and any other set fees charged per employee. These costs are billed monthly by the carrier which is based on plan enrollment.

· Variable costs are payment of health care claims. These costs naturally vary from one month to another based on the health care use of those insured.

Until the Fiscal Year 2016 State Budget is passed, the Illinois Department of Central Management Services (CMS) does not have the legal authority to pay claims through the State’s self-insured plans – Quality Care, Coventry Health Care Open Access Plan and Health Link OAP. But even though the State is six months behind on current payments, the health insurance for state employees, university employees, retirees and dependents will continue unchanged.

And due to the budget impasse, CMS does not have the authority to spend the health insurance premiums from those who are currently working.

It will be most likely up to each managed-care provider as to how they respond to the continuing Budget Impasse since these companies receive fixed premiums payments. But so far nothing has changed.

SUAA will continue to monitor this and keep everyone up to date on any changes taking place that could affect you.

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