How Higher Education Creates Jobs! The Answers!

We thought it might be helpful to review some of the ways that higher education creates jobs since you may get this question from some community members when they see the “Higher Education Creates Jobs Campaign” signs and posters, newspaper and Facebook ads. If you are asked how higher education creates jobs, attached are some possible answers.

Jo Gibson and Linda Guinn

SUAA Membership Co-Chairs

How Higher Ed Creates Jobs Flyer.pdf

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Higher Education Creates Jobs Campaign



The State Universities Annuitants Association (SUAA) knows HIGHER EDUCATION CREATES JOBS and is gravely concerned about the future of higher education in our state and communities.

SUAA is undertaking a major statewide education campaign. We are supplying our local chapters with yard signs and posters to be placed in high traffic areas with the simple yet targeted message “HIGHER EDUCATION CREATES JOBS.” In addition, 175,000 ads targeting 2.8 million Illinois readers will be placed on newspaper websites and on Facebook.

Residents need to think about the financial and cultural impact higher education has in their communities – what would it look like if their local institution of higher education fails because of this unprecedented budget impasse? What would it mean to local governments, businesses, elementary & secondary school districts, the employees of those institutions, and you?

This budget impasse and its ripple effect will destroy communities supported by institutions of higher education. SUAA knows the time to act is NOW!

What can you do? Join us! Visit for more information about the only advocacy organization focused solely on SURS participants and your voice in Springfield. We know there is strength in numbers. Be a part of a strong collective voice to protect higher education in Illinois!



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Chapter Meeting 4/21 at Noon

Our next meeting will be held on Thursday, April 21, 2016 at 12:00 noon in the upper lobby of the Center for Performing Arts. All are welcome.


Notes from meetings are posted at Review the notes from March prior to the meeting.

A. EXCOM Meeting Report
B. Committee Reports
C. Annual Newsletter Publication Update
D. Annual Meeting Planning Update
E. Nominating Committee Report
F. Other Business

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SUAA Mini Briefing 04.15.2016

To All SUAA Members and Friends!

Be sure to catch-up on this week’s activity at the Capitol in the attached Mini Briefing.

In addition, join the Higher Education Coalition’s Rally on Wednesday, April 20th! Information is attached.

SUAA’s Statewide Campaign also launches next week!

Linda L Brookhart
Executive Director

State Universities Annuitants Association

SUAA Launches Statewide Campaign.pdf

Higher Ed Coalition Flier_FINAL.pdf

SUAA Mini Briefing 04.15.2016.pdf

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GSU SUAA Chapter 3/17/16 Meeting Notes

Click here to review notes from the GSU SUAA meeting of 3/17/16. (pdf)

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Lobby Day in Springfield

Subject: Lobby Day in Springfield

On April 20th, there will be a rally in Springfield to express concern for the lack of funding to the colleges of Illinois caused by the lack of a budget.

GSU will be participating in this rally. Buses will leave GSU for Springfield at 8:30.

GSU Faculty, Staff and Students can join the trip if they register by Logging in to Jaguar Connection to RSVP. Use your GSU username and password to log in.

Retirees that do not have access to the Janguar Connection, can RSVP by contacting Konya Sledge via email to ksledge or by phone at 708.235.7653.

Higher Ed Coalition Flier_FINAL.pdf

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Details for the State House Rally to Save Higher Education

Please check the attached flier for details regarding the Higher Education Rally for those of you who may have missed it. Details are also on

To all members and friends of SUAA,

You are encouraged to attend the Illinois Coalition to Invest in the Higher Education Rally!

Many of you are very much involved with your campuses! Therefore, you know that there are many issues with not funding higher education!

This is a Rally in Springfield! Show your colors! Show your support! Let’s get higher education funded!

SUAA is not providing transportation, nor funding for our members. We are asking for your support! SUAA is participating in the Rally and providing funding towards the expenses of the Rally! Join us in Springfield!

Please let us know if you are attending! Call Joni at joni

Next! Watch for the Statewide campaign being launched by SUAA! More information to come!

Linda L Brookhart
Executive Director

State Universities Annuitants Association

Higher Ed Coalition Flier_FINAL.pdf

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